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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  February 11, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PST

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>> friday there will be bloodshed. people will not sit quiet. ball will not accept the spirit they know this. they know people are reached. it will go to extremes. >> james: go to extremes. today is a bucket day of murders. it could be the biggest protest yet. he transferred power to his vice president but did not step down. >> the military is backing the move as well. now the world leaders are urging him to step down. >> james: thousands of private protesters calling today a day of murder. this is liberation square the heart of the protest we have seen for the past several weeks. obviously upset
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with his refusal to step but to stay in his office until the september elections. as we said at the just military has at some point sided with the protesters. they came out yesterday and said they are behind his decision to not resign immediately. meanwhile present at the, is questioning whether their transfer of power has and credibility or meeting. just yesterday the president challenged the egyptian government to explain their path to democracy. meanwhile, the mark in pride minister is urging mimbar to step down saying he is history. that is a direct quote. as you look at these pictures out side of cairo thousands are camped out and thousands more are expected to arrive today. it is approaching evening there.
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we will wait to see if we will not hear that they're taking extreme measures. >> it is 6:01 a.m.. hello reset. >>louisa: yes we have but a couple of nice days ahead to enjoy. the golden gate bridge is not showing in the fog. clear conditions and by the afternoon i lot of sunshine with a chance of grain moving and it next week, will start you off with that degree is in fairfield. but chilly start today. news in the temperature is showing the 30's and '40's down into a separate. we will bring it buys into the upper 60s. 65 and cinephile. 66 degrees
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sank into the upper 60s throughout the day. we also have a chance of rain come monday it so as we put feature cast before it shows for a good portion of the day essentially flat part of your day we will see rate. heavy downpours moving in. q. are heading up to top out it will stay dry. mid-50s in store and temperatures sent into of the warm spot for saturday and sunday. same goes for it the day. increasing clouds. the cold and continues next week and the wet weather plays of a role in our forecast for monday through thursday.
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george? then at least that is still a pretty quiet start to the commute. even as we're in the 6:00 hour we're seeing light traffic. we're not track danny hot spots for the drive around the bay area. light traffic on all of the approaches. no hint of meter and lights being needed. some retail out driver is lookit later than it was 30 minutes ago. typically at six we see things blown out. that is not the case. the ride out 101 southbound has no delays. cameron county is still a problem free. south bay is looking through the ballotdelacroix's. earlier problems where the police and chp investigation with the fatal accident. it occurred in san carlos. the red light and is still closed down but no backup.
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daria? >> demonstrate is building for a missing couple who was reported missing. yesterday after did they found the water man's car. it was parked near devils slide. they looked around the area and could not find the couple. they are now telling us that the san francisco police have found a body of a woman in a hotel room on lombard street. they believed that billy watermen may be connected to that woman's death. they will not release the it into the of the woman but the it sure office would like to hear from anybody that has seen a lot of it. it is 605 a m and will be back with more in just a few minutes. breaking this. developing out of cairo worried you concede protesters jam and terry barrett square--tareer. the
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president will not resign but he has taken off. he is still holding onto power, we will be back with more in just a couple of minutes.
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>> welcome back is six and i am. more of our top story. there have been developments in the last 50 minutes or so with the president of egypt. he is going to resort to leaving cairo as he will not leave office. he has left behind tens of thousands of protestors that our still filling cairo's main square. they're calling today a day of martyrs. there is great that the president refuses to sit down and instead he is giving power to the vice- president who they like even less. they already said that
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the elections in november are not good enough to wait for it the power to change over. that mass protests, through out the country bart mixing at sears. >> his power is sending in the military. one young man is expected to be of bloody day but it will not deter him. >>darya: we will continue to monitor what is going on and it had been cairo. tonight into the evening of their. a lot of those shirts are dark. we will wait to see what happens with the president of the move. the president is not budging from this where there in cairo. continuing coverage on our web site
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>>james: everybody was waiting for it decision but it never came. it announced that from this school where they have plans to not come today. it is pins and needles just waiting. the chancellor was saying that the baseball, men's ed wood said gymnastics. and though lacrosse teams would be it decided to eliminate them after this clear. will have to wait to see if we it indication and was we get it we will let you know. the court to take a quick break we obviously have been following egypt. it is have it up next on the markets. stocks are down. features of trading of stocks are down. as a price and as different each of president. much more coming up. here is a live look from mount tam. look at the fork is the with the minute.
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>> of egypt is witnessing a critical junction that we put egypt as up priority. we need to lead this had any personal interest. egypt is a top party. i sought to delegate powers. >>darya: delegate powers but not leave office. that enraged protesters. they are continuing to protest this morning. the numbers are continuing to grow. they want him out immediately. all we know this morning is that he is out of the p-- palace and it has the protesters upset. president
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grant obama is expressing impatience. he says that men are failed to prepare a statement to and it needed changes. the ship's main opposition leader is now warning of potential violence and rest. he says that america is gambling with his country. he is worried that america it is one to be at hand. >>james: we're also fallen foes. i want to bring one at that we find seconds ago. they are saying he is throwing his weight behind. they want a gradual transition of power. anything more than that will cause instability. the military is endorsing the plan. so far that is where they stand. he knows what will happen as the protests continue throughout the day. they are questioning the
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decision. they have questions whether he is credible to begin with. yesterday he challenged it government to explain his path to democracy it to the world. this is a global issue. egypt popular uprising shows that a new middle east is rising. one that has no signs of israel and u.s. interference. very it western sentiment against. i want to show you this photo. the latest on coming into the newsroom and vicious you not to cairo bed alexandria. another location in each of where we have thousands of people in the streets. the demonstrations are not just to introduce score. they are in all of the major cities in egypt. besought of alexandria will
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be it showed too well we shall use the latest. there's also more at the website with informational tour of the day. >>darya: at the time as 617. looking at the live there. the reason? >>louisa: yes, and other day with all lot of sunshine. temperatures get into the 60s. cool and clear weather. said rose said is that the freezing mark. livermore valley = upper '30's. as we take it through the debris might get if you like the sweeping through. for the most part lot of sunshine. by the end of the weekend we will see much more in the way that the cloud cover is privy have some systems working their way towards us from the gulf of alaska. that will bring us rain come monday. could last for a big portion of the workweek.
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afternoon highs are upper 60s. similar weather compared to yesterday. 63 eagle said rosa 66 = richmond. along the coast it will be a gorgeous day with the nice shot of the ocean. 66 degrees = have made it. if you are planning on heading up to towel you will not need your chains. saturday is a lot of the sunshine and to keep the 60s around into sunday. clouds on the increase for sending. same store for the day. will see the cluster to thicken up of the temperatures start to drop. by thursday we are going to struggle to get at the low 50s. time now is 6:19 a.m.. let us get a look at your morning with george. >>george: new hot spots. the
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bridge is light. the doing lights are usually activated by this hour but no indication yet that they have been. even if they are, it will not add to our trip. san mateo bridge, well, let it looks good. no problems here in west bound. volume built up it. no backups. no delays. golden gate, 101. looks good as well. it southbound traffic in from a county. no problems, no delays. ride looks good. well, i can tell you that the ride looks good because i checked the sensors and there are no delays. san francisco and inbound looking good. octavia's street looks good. james? >>james: thank-you george. a cruise ship has been docked.
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repairs have been fixed. it is ready to get back in to see. the carnival splendor. jackie sissel is life with more. checkmate it looks like it is in the water now. reporter yes it is in the water now. they're getting ready to look up to it and pull it out as you said james. it has been out here for three weeks. they have brought it to the dry dock because it is the only one in the west coast. it was started up the san diego for three days back in november and they had to bring it here during the pairs. they had to replace two generators apparently, this thing out ways 67 80 t. this is the work that's being done and they have
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remade the voyage. what they're going to do is to look back out into debate. a grid of and make sure there are no holes in it. we should see with a pig and 1138 this morning it will take off towards long beach and start the whole process again. >>james: thank-you jackie. an interesting sight. not often we have the courage of this size in san francisco so it will dry ice. there is? >>darya: it is 6:22 a.m. there's so much trash and debris beds charas conceded all the way from the city. reporter in concord the homeless camp has become a eyesore below highway for. it is in this direction
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beyond the fence. as drivers exit the freeway vacancy all of the trash and debris that has collected and officials will be moving in to clear all of the debris that has collected in that area. they are going to try and find permanent housing for the people who are living there. in concord and reggie kumar for kron4 news. >>james: buried bonds case is back a case. bonds will not be there. prosecutors have reduced the number of charges against him. yesterday's they drop the charges from 11 to 4. he now faces four counts of lying and these charges stem from the 2003 it testimony. bonds is due to go on trial at the end of march.
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>>darya: 623 is the time. we will be back more. this is a look at the roof of the nests of their. you can see the building and the skies lit clear. nice couple of days and then grinned.
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>>james: at today's is all that is left of this pleasant weather. sunday the clouds will lead. it looks like we could be headed for a week of nonstop rain next week. more detailed look at your forecast coming up.
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>>james: and we are back. the six to 9:00 a.m.. where moments away from the opening bell on stock exchange. the imax is quite
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to rent that built this morning. featured trading has been down. we will see where the markets go. looks like it'll continue. a developing situation with egypt is affecting the stocks. >>darya: protesters are a great this morning. they have heard that the probe -- president refuses to resign. he is out of town. >> they learned that the president is delegating power is instinctive. egypt is a top party. " i thought
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i would delegate powers to it that vice-president " said he is now in charge of the duties and he hopes to see the country to their september elections. he ordered protesters to go home and back to work. they are not listening. some staged as sleep overnight to and tonight's protest is expected to gather the biggest catch yet. demonstrators are already gathered. the president pelages is ready to deliver the message. >> we have ruled the country, and you have that rule did for 30 years people have been in dealing with the suffering and the starving and punishment. penciling of everything that you can see. >> the white house says that you did government has not that far enough in transitioning power and they continue to closely watch the progress. i'm paul chambers of reporting. >>darya: stay with kron4
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news and for our continuing coverage. >>james: it is 6:30 a.m.. let us talk about the weather. it does not feel like winter does it? it is about to. >>louisa: it is about to puree here is a look at the golden gate bridge. clear conditions and a lot of sunshine. james mentioned that is coming to an end of next week. this morning we are starting off with cool temperatures with sunshine through to the afternoon. the afternoon highs will come into the upper 60s for santa rosa. 65 degrees = nevada. albert 60s in the east bay. san jose, morgan hill, lost that those = 60 degrees. the rain chances are in the morning but the better chances are in the afternoon. heavy downpours
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downpours at some points. wednesday and thursday i'm looking what. keep your umbrella and fringe jackets handy. if you're heading up to this here you will not to need your chains. we're going to stay drive right on through. saturday will bring you sunshine and temperatures into the 60s. since her for sunday to. here is source of and there around the bay. once and zen for tomorrow. temperatures could get into the low 70's. by the sunday it increasing clouds. this is where the cooling trend comes in. every day will be colder and colder. upper sixties to low 50s by thursday. george? >>george: thank-you libby said. quite commute. bid of
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the back about the bay bridge toll plaza but no big problem. the commute to the san mateo bridge looks good. west bound bridge as volume up to about to normal. note that the board delayed. golden gate bridge 101 southbound it is easy. marin county is it easy as well. 688 is looking good through the southbound into all that great. smith traffic. light for the southbound red. no backups yet into will let greg or into the san ramon valley. terry? >>darya: @ thank-you george. developing story. the mystery it surrounding the southern california couple. they have found the woman's body at a hotel. will tran has the details. >> san francisco police are
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still working to see if the body they found is in deep colleen waterman. here is a picture of the couple, billy and cali bottom of. their daughter reported them missing after they found of welfare check cashed. they believe that billy what a man may be connected to her death. they believe that he is still alive this morning. reporting from san francisco i will tran for kron4 news. >>james: we're going to take a quick break. i want to shave more pictures that of egypt. this is a major story that we're following. it has national combat global implications. more and rest in egypt. cairo. 10 hours ahead of us as they're getting into the evening hours. protesters are walking through the streets and have to the fact you chips president, and said is stepping down and really, he
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is transferring was as hard to the vice president and will stay in office until september. this is not what thousands want to hear. we will have much more coming up through the morning.
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>>darya: welcome back good is 6:39 a.m.. your watching and listening to what is light on in cairo right now. freedom square. the protesters are angry and you can hear them chanting. they want the president out. he has refused to leave office but he has moved out of the palace. all we know this morning is that he has gone to resource. look at all of the barbwire. the military is back in what the president's plan is now to stay in office from afar. he is giving most of the power to the vice president until
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there is elections. he is retaining power. the military is backing him on that. i rinsed president, declared that the chips will rise-----that you just uprise-- that egypts uprise, is to show that they want to have on more democratic country. it believed it would be good for the u.s., the middle east and israel if egypt was to reorganize their government. >>james: will have much more throughout the morning on that. just giving you more with the military side of it to we will have that coming up with a bit. we're also fallaway there clinton, the moment it was hit and draped early sunday when it appeared she remains in critical condition. she is just not able to move her toes. that is a good sign.
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their man hopeful that she will continue to recover. family members have raised money and they are of anyone has information will share. there also is a big donations for the continued care of their net. >>darya: they will be closing two schools. mount abyla has voted to close cranbrook's and west with elementary. this is in the effort to save one-and-a- half million dollars. students are expected to be split up between three other schools. last night's meeting was held by parents from westwood. they say that they were never even told the closing their school was an option. >> it has shocked our committee. it is not the way that this type of thing should be handled. we're here to respond to that and also to work together as a
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committee. to determine a better way to handle the situation that we are in. >>darya: they are of one of the only schools that perform services for deaf students. >>james: we are looking east at that rising sun, where authorities take a break and be will be back with more in just a minute.
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do now we're back years let the big board. no surprise. the dow is trading-, it looked like we were headed this way. 48 points to the downside. 185. the other market, the s&p is trading make it. a lot has to do the rest going on in egypt. it looked like a lot of things by the, the minister did when it was announced that
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the chips of president would be making a televised address. possibly bowling to the demands of protesters. at this point it looks as though it will not happen. instead he will transfer most of his power to vice president and will stay in office until september elections. the military has come out this morning saying that they now back his plan for a slow and gradual transition. they came out this morning, the military leaders did. it followed the announcement that the supreme council will guarantee the implementation of the following steps. number one. they will sponsor a fair elections. no. 2 they will shepherd the demands of the people. and three. there will be no intention of the it also
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sends that have protested all of these weeks. they find it here stressing that it is important to return to normal life. this is about as far is the army is willing to go to help the protesters if they continue to be out in the streets. it is anybody's guess on how they will react on trying to get life back to normal there. >> 6276:47 a.m., we're looking at fog and sunshine. >>louisa: is quite a huge change for next week. the good news is your friday, saturday looking good. here is the shot of mt. tam. the sun is starting to rise prove we have a bit of a breeze. cool temperatures into the north bay. will be warmed up to the mid '60s and down into the upper
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'30's. we are right at the freezing mark in fairfield. 40 degrees segal's much indeed. cooler than that in the upper 30's for san jose. a few clouds streaming through the bay. looks like we will continue to see if with sunshine and by the end of the weekend to be able notice much more in the way of cloud cover. a series of storms and dropping down from the gulf of alaska began as wet weather but fort to date we will keep those ties, similar to this debate. 63 degrees in it about. that the eagles 45. san francisco = 65. 67 = san jose. you can see the contrast here as we head into next week. a change
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with cloud cover and by monday the wet weather will begin. we're talking about several days in a row, as string of days of weather expected to continue. time now 6:49 a.m.. this chicken with george. >>george: it should always be like this. light traffic all around the bay area. no problem spots, no hot spots in the traffic here at the bay bridge. beater lights would have normally be activated about 30 minutes ago. they have not been get any can see with good reason that there is no lights required. the san mateo bridge with the volume and other approaches. marin county shows that beset them traffic is moving without delay or incidents and the trip to san francisco. we do not have any problems here on the and the center of where
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it is joined on the sky an easy trip into the peninsula. there were problems into the overnight hour with a lane closure. no delays on the ride. >>james: the key charge. it is six if they appeared in the search for police chief san francisco wants to hear from you. last night that commission held the first of three public forums for the process of selecting a new chief. that here in san francisco the police department has ever done their work at to asking the public for their input. police commissioners as the public to see what chicks they believe are important for any police chief. the
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mayor of will choose the nominee is. in selecting nominees they know it trades to look for but they want to know what the public thinks is important. jonathan blum for kron4 news. >>darya: bay area transportation writers are not able to use the clipper card. they started the excepting the cards this week. it was supposed to start on september 15th but they had problems upload of this offer. other transportation agency include 80 transit. bart, golden gate ferry and needy. california at stores do not have the right to ask shoppers for there's a close when they use credit cards prayed that was the ruling by the state court. the venomously--unanimously voted it that it is
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unnecessary information against their privacy. they're able to use credit cards and some cards to compile and sell information on customers. but do not i think, ever asks for your zip code. >>james: is the need to verify that your you. well, we will be right back. this is the cruise ship that is slowly coming out of dry dock. they're going to pull it out and take it to an anchorage. to test to make sure that there's zero weeks before they surrendered to see. the boat was taking passengers out to mexico. it was stranded office said diego and it took a long time to get all of the clients back to shore.
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>>darya: is 6 to 5:00 a.m. piquancy the protesters gathered in cairo. they're forming as square. let us listen. there is a reporter commenting. >> personal carriers, are pirate fans. hundreds of soldiers as well. in addition to this demonstration there is another demonstration outside a room but palace. one of the residents. we have seen is sentenced. alicia? >> we are listening and right now. the big news was it too, when he made a public appearance, they
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thought he would step down but he did not. he decided to give most of his power to vice president. the army is backing the president's plan and they're saying to the protesters " look, trust us. we will make sure that these changes happened and everything he says will happen. go home. return to normal life. " what will happen? will the army start to push people out of this where say you have to go back to normal life? >>darya: here is a live look. you can hear the chanting. he is saying to bring it on. there is desolate edge change that we could see during the show the next four hours. we're going to keep watching to
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see how they react to what is happening now. it is 60 7:00 a.m. and will be back with more despicable of minutes.
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